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Deep tissue massage may be the perfect solution for those of you in or near Manhattan who are struggling with chronic aches and pains. During a deep tissue massage, our massage therapists glide over your muscles slowly and with firm pressure to massage the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues (fascia). From a stiff neck to lower back pain, a deep tissue massage may provide the relief you have been searching for.

What To Expect During A Deep Tissue Massage

While some of the techniques may feel similar to a Swedish massage, this is not the case. Deep tissue techniques demand a different technique that breaks down muscle knots as the massage goes on. These knots can disrupt circulation, cause pain, and limit your range of motion, so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as we can! Your deep tissue massage begins with light pressure, gentle kneading, and gliding strokes to warm and loosen the superficial muscles (outer muscle layers) in preparation to access the deeper tissues. This also gives your body and mind a chance to decompress, allowing you to fall into a state of peace and relaxation. As your massage therapists begins working deeper into the underlying muscles, pressure is increased as they employ more focused, localized techniques to work out knots and release muscle tension.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Painful?

This is often the first question people ask who have never received a deep tissue massage. Because everyone and every body is different, people experience pain and discomfort differently. What’s more, when a body practitioner works with tender, sore muscles and tissues, a person may experience varying levels of discomfort. It’s important to keep in mind that the goal of a deep tissue massage is not to cause pain, but to relieve it. That being said, there is a difference in the pain and discomfort experienced as the result of an injury and that of working with tense, tight, tender muscles. While there may be some discomfort with the applied pressure, this is normal. However, keep in mind that your experienced therapist is in tune with your body and will always listen to your feedback, so keep the lines of communication open during your massage. If the pressure is too much, please feel free to let your massage therapist know.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage offers many health benefits for improving and maintaining your health and wellness, along with helping you heal from injuries and managing chronic pain. Here are some of the benefits to be gained from deep tissue massage:

  • Relieves acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) pain
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Addresses trigger points
  • Enhances flexibility and range of motion
  • Encourages healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Alleviates headaches
  • Improves nerve function and mobility
  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities

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For true, lasting relief, a deep tissue massage from the massage therapists at Buri Spa in Manhattan may be the optimal choice for you. You are welcome to combine this massage with a Thai traditional massage as well. Allow us to help you more confidently and freely move about your life without pain. Contact us today either by phone or online to ask any questions you may have. You can easily book your deep tissue massage by clicking the tabs to the right, selecting your desired deep tissue massage type, and clicking on the date and time that works for your schedule. Or, follow this link to schedule your first appointment at our Koreatown Spa today!