Banyan Tree Thai Spa in Manhattan offers traditional Thai massage as a way to heal the body and renew the mind. We combine both targeted and broad acupressure to loosen the body combined with assisted yoga poses to pull you deeper into a state of wellness and peace. However, these are not traditional massage techniques, so keep that in mind. We rarely use oils or lotions, and all clients are clothed during their massage. Instead of pressure on the muscles, we compress, stretch, and rock your body to achieve the desired tension release.

What To Expect

For those of you new to Thai massage, we recommend focusing on staying relaxed and breathing deeply through the postures. During this time, our experienced practitioners use their thumbs, forearms, palms, elbows, knees, and feet to move along your body. Each movement is used to open the joints, release muscle tension, and soothe tendons. Of course, the bodily sensations are part of the end result — total rejuvenation and mental well-being.

Is Thai Massage Painful?

Individuals who have not received Thai massage often wonder if the practice is painful. As with any type of massage or bodywork, your practitioner will talk with you about your health history, specific areas of concern you may have such as injuries, illnesses, and/or other health conditions, and what you hope to achieve during the session. Because every person is different, it is not beneficial to say either “yes, it will be painful,” or “no, there will be no pain at all.” Anytime a body practitioner works with sore or tender muscles, there may be varying levels of discomfort or pain, especially when targeting problem areas where muscle knots, muscle tension, and ache are present. But this is normal. Keep in mind that your practitioner will be attuned to your body while also listening to your feedback throughout the entire duration of your Thai massage. Be sure to communicate with your practitioner about adjusting pressure and let them know when you feel discomfort during stretches and poses.

Schedule Your Thai Massage Session Now

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