We spend our days on our feet. Whether we are running to catch our next meeting in Manhattan or we’re out for a leisurely stroll in Koreatown, there is near-constant pressure on our feet. It’s time to treat those toes to some relaxation and rejuvenate them. Contact Buri Spa today to sign up for a relaxing foot massage that will leave you ready to take on the rest of your week with comfort.

At Buri Spa in Midtown, our technicians specialize in identifying places of tension and soreness within your foot, then applying gentle pressure and movement to relax the pain away. Regardless of if you just ran a 10k or you work on your feet each day, your feet could use some kindness and care. We would be happy to be the team to provide it for you.

Contact Banyan Tree Thai  Spa today to learn more about our services or to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you in our massage spa and providing you with the finest foot massage in New York. We’ll see you soon.