Enjoy the freedom that comes with a freer, more relaxed back by choosing a back massage from Banyan Tree Thai Spa in Chelsea . From the muscle tightness in your shoulders to the dull ache at the base of your spine, we work carefully across and down your back to ensure all pain is relaxed away. We implement several techniques to first loosen the muscles, then apply pressure to release any pent-up tension.

Why Choose a Back Massage?

From anxiety to sports injuries, headaches to insomnia, massage has been shown to help those suffering from a variety of ailments. Many medical professionals have accepted the value of massage and the purpose it can serve to those who could benefit from relaxation. Beyond the health benefits, many people choose massage for the feelings of comfort and connection it can encourage.

When you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a back massage, choose Manhattan’s Banyan Tree Thai  Spa. With more than 15 years of experience providing quality massage services to New Yorkers just like you, we are certain in our ability to give you the best possible massage experience. We look forward to seeing you in our massage facility soon. Indulge, relax, and unwind with us. Schedule your appointment or contact us with questions.