1. What is traditional Thai Massage?

    What is Traditional Thai Massage? Here are the 6 Benefits for Desk Workers Maybe we are all adjusted to the new normal in the midst of a pandemic, but what about our body? Most of us are still dealing with emotional and physical stress daily, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who are working from home or at the office tend to accumulate more stress than average due to the repetitive n…Read More

  2. The Best Ways to Relax After a Stressful Day at Work

    Let’s face it, work in any industry can be stressful. Whether you work in an office in the city, you teach at one of the public schools, or you’re a server at a restaurant, it can be hard to leave the stresses of work at work when you leave for the day. As a result, it’s incredibly easy to let your stress and anxiety levels build up, which can make it difficult to relax at the end of the day…Read More

  3. 3 Types of Massage Therapy Techniques, Part 1

    Welcome back to the Buri Spa blog! As a Top Rated Local® spa in Manhattan, we specialize in several different types of healing, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage techniques. We focus solely on massage, giving the residents in and around Manhattan a place where they can come to experience pain relief, tension release, stillness, and a break from busy city life. In our last post, we gave you an ov…Read More

  4. Welcome to the Buri Spa Blog!

    Welcome to the Buri Spa blog! Buri Spa is a premier massage studio located in Koreatown in Midtown Manhattan. We offer all types of therapeutic massage techniques, including everything from Thai massage, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage, to specialty massages like four hands massage, couples massage, and combination massage sessions. Our goal is to tailor your massage session precisely to …Read More